Apple's transition from good to evil

A particularly insightful essay on Apple's transition from good to evil was published yesterday. Posted by Jason Calacanis, CEO of, on his personal blog, it describes his own experiences with Apple, and how behind the scenes the company has changed beyond recognition over the past two decades.

Apple will face a user revolt in the coming years based upon Microsoft, Google and other ... companies, undercutting their core markets with cheap, stable and open devices.

Calacanis sets out a very clear case against Apple, divided into five main parts which for brevity I will consolidate into these four points. This list of Apple's sins isn't exhaustive, for example there is no mention of policies on Mac computer hardware and software, it but it covers some of the most infamous evils.

Steve Jobs is on the cusp of devolving from the visionary radical we all love to a sad, old hypocrite and control freak–a sellout of epic proportions.*

This blog post offers a profoundly insightful analysis of the dark side of Apple, a company that still holds a sacred status in the minds of many people, who blindly worship Apple as their champion and saviour which can do no wrong.

Steve Jobs gets a pass because we are all enabling him to be a jerk. We buy the products and we say nothing when our rights are stripped away. We've been seduced by Steve Jobs: he lifts another shiny object over his head with a new eco-friendly feature and we all melt like screaming schoolgirls at Shea Stadium in '65

I would agree with every argument put forward in this case against Apple. The corporation has indeed become anti-competitive, and now selfishly acts against the interests of its own customers. Many people still picture Apple in the shining armour it wore when it promised to take on Microsoft, seeing and exploiting a business opportunity in public dissatisfaction with the monopoly. That once clean armour has long since rusted.

07 August 2009

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Tim Acheson (07 Feb 12, 14:12)

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"Apple fanboys have a reputation for hostile attacks based on suggestion, and it’s harming Apple’s image. ... Apple “fanboys” have gained a negative reputation as a hostile entity. The vitriolic fanboy mob mentality has made online discussions about Apple difficult to keep civil, and has created an environment of increasingly shocking and disturbing hostility. ... it’s damaging Apple’s reputation. ... This week, “king of the fanboys” John Gruber and Apple evangelist Shawn King were instrumental to an online witch hunt that eventually included threats of violence toward a female blogger. ..."


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