Google's chief executive resigns from Apple's board

The chief executive of Google has resigned from Apple.

You could be forgiven for wondering what Eric Schmidt, the top man at Google, was doing on Apple's board of directors in the first place. These are supposed to be two separate companies. Such a cosy relationship between two of the world's biggest technology corporations is dangerous. It represents a serious threat to commercial competition and, therefore, it conflicts with the interests of the consumer. The Apple-Google alliance is clearly unfair to individual companies trying to compete in the same markets -- particularly Microsoft which offers alternative products and services to those of both Apple and Google.

The ruling elite of the corporate world operate in a shadowy environment in which it's difficult to differentiate between genuine news and PR propaganda. The apparent change in the sinister relationship between Apple and Google could be a hollow gesture; a cynical, carefully stage-managed evasive manoeuvre to avoid action by the US government. The current US administration has been investigating the "mutual back-scratching among Silicon Valley's leading lights."

The official reason for Schmidt's step away from Apple's board is that the two companies are increasingly in competition with each other. That much is true. But the same could be said about the companies in an illegal cartel. Google and Apple should be competing, fairly and openly. The customers of both companies deserve nothing less.

04 August 2009

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"The ruling elite of the corporate world operate in a shadowy environment in which it's difficult to differentiate between genuine news and PR propaganda"

Not that you could ever be accused of failing to differentiate between the two!

Tim Acheson (04 Aug 09, 13:00)

"Ross" -- I am but a humble commentator. I would gladly leave it to others to make such a complex judgement.

This could be the fallout over Apple's refusal to allow Google voice apps on the iPhone.

Apple's refusal to allow the Google Voice application for iPhones to be sold in its App Store has elicited raucous criticism and prompted peevish Internet users to disparage Apple as "evil," a term more often associated with Google

Tim Acheson (04 Aug 09, 15:12)

That’s a plausible theory, John. Perhaps this is why Google’s CEO has lost interest in Apple’s board meetings, if he’s unable to influence approval decisions on new iPhone Apps. I feel that Apple’s rejection of Google’s app is anti-competitive. The FCC might concur with me on that point – they do appear to be in the preparatory phase of an investigation. I welcome the tough stance of the new US administration; it could help to shake things up and keep big corporations on their toes, while discouraging anti-competitive practices.

Tim Acheson (13 Oct 09, 10:08)

Update: another Apple board member, Arthur Levinson, resigns as a director of Google, to deflect anti-competitive / cartel concerns, and to evade an anti-trust investigation.


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