Most young people in the UK download music illegally

Most young people download music without paying

Research commissioned by UK Music, the umbrella body which represents the British music business, found 61 per cent of 14-to-24-year-olds had downloaded music through peer-to-peer networks or torrent trackers, 86 per cent had copied CDs for friends and 75 per cent had sent music by email, Bluetooth, Skype or MSN.

It found 68 per cent listened to music on their computer every day and the average hard drive contained 8,159 songs.

UK Music said the industry should consider offering listeners as much music as they can download for a fixed fee.

Feargal Sharkey, former lead singer of the Undertones and now chief executive of UK Music, told the Guardian: "Have they got the message that there is a thing called copyright and there is a philosophy of copyright? Yup. They get it. They just don't care.

10 August 2009

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