Adobe reports security bugs in Flash, AIR and Acrobat

The software company, Adobe, has released a security bulletin detailing the latest list of security vulnerabilities in Flash, its web browser plug-in.

The same vulnerabilities also affect AIR, its desktop runtime that can allow Flash applications (notwithstanding known limitations and compatibility issues) to run in a desktop environment.

There are also a number of security flaws in Acrobat, its software package for desktop publishing and document sharing.

A patch is now available for this latest batch of Adobe bugs. Users with affected versions of the software without the patch could have their security compromised in a number of ways. For example, attackers can use Flash in various ways to execute malicious code on affected computers – taking control of the computer, gaining access, or causing a crash -- when the user visits a web page where Flash is embedded. In particular, hackers can also use Flash to gain administrator-level access on Mac computers.

03 August 2009

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