Xbox 360 has the most active users of any games console

The Xbox 360 games console has the most active users of all the games consoles currently available. Wii has the least active customers. Play Station 3 came second.

These are the current trends reported in the results of the latest survey by international market research company, Nielsen.

Total video game console usage minutes is up 21% year-on-year, reflecting very strong growth in this industry sector as well as long-term customer commitment to the products on offer. Almost 50% of gameplay is attributed to adults aged 18+. Adult gamers, having a high disposable-income, are an attractive demographic for any company. Data from another study shows that the age of the average serious gamer in the USA is 35.

Graph: Active User Percentage -- 6-Month Trend (Nielsen)

"June data shows Xbox 360 is the most active console, with the 6-month trend show Xbox 360 with the highest active users"

Microsoft is working hard to make the Xbox 360 a hub for interactive entertainment in the home, continuously developing cutting-edge games and services. Just last week they rolled-out a service update adding major new features to Xbox Live.

Sony has done well to establish Play Station as the most credible alternative to Xbox. So many of the best-ever games have been released first or exclusively on Microsoft platforms. Efforts to develop genre-defining games on the PS3 have been valiant but, despite the hype, the impact of PS3 games like Killzone 2 is more marketing than masterpiece.

The KZ franchise was billed as a "Halo Killer" from the start. The Vice President of Marketing at Sony acknowledged that the company hoped KZ2 would "push 360 owners to try PS3". It was billed as a genre-defining game, and the biggest game of the year. In reality, it could not live up to the hype, and was famously outsold by an add-on for another game, GTA IV.

Nintendo markets Wii as a lifestyle product, but it is arguably the most gimmicky and trendy of the consoles -- a simple console with games that have a simple, childish charm, but lacking the long-term appeal pf a serious interactive entertainment platform.

14 August 2009

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Tim Acheson (18 Aug 09, 11:55)

Breaking news: rumour related to the original post

Sony may cut PS3 price to stimulate sales

At 5.30pm this afternoon in an exhibition hall in Cologne, Germany, Sony may make an announcement that will give the computer games market the shot in the arm that many argue it badly needs.


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