profits double despite the recession, through their ASP.NET web site, a leading UK-based online clothing and fashion retailer, has defied the economic downturn, reporting rapid growth in sales along with a substantial profit margin. At one stage recently profits at had more than doubled.

This is a company where the senior executives and web development team really know what they are doing. Based in London, their retail operation is simply an ASP.NET web site, served by IIS 6 on Windows 2003 Server with a SQL Server database. It's another win for Microsoft technology on the standard n-Tier architecture model. The genius of upgrading to .NET is manifestly obvious. It's a simple set of technologies, available in one simple package off-the-shelf or by download, that delivers world-class results quickly and easily. The .NET framework is commercial, mainstream and well-established; which means it's tried-and-tested, and experienced developers are easy to find at reasonable rates. Indeed, earlier this year when other companies were making hundreds of people redundant, was still advertising career opportunities.

As the recession deepens, globally and internationally, will need to keep up the good work to stay ahead. The scale of their success in this industry sector as a whole has attracted the attention of some potentially major competitors. Most notably one of the world's biggest retailers, Tesco, now wants a piece of the action.

Like so many companies with successful online operations, included, is simply an ASP.NET web site running on a Windows server. Tesco must be taken more seriously than any currently trendy recent start-up website. By far the world's biggest Internet grocer, Tesco is extremely well established, both online and in the traditional supermarket business, with one of the most successful online retail businesses in history.

29 June 2009

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