Microsoft has switched back to attack mode

Microsoft's strategic stance has shifted from defense back to offense.

The change back to a stronger, more confident, more competitive business is the bigger picture that clearly emerges from a retrospective on recent activity in the technology sector.

22 July 2009

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Tim Acheson (21 Dec 09, 12:03)

The astonishing Microsoft renaissance we've witnessed this year was acknowledged in list of the Top 10 technology highlights of 2009: "Microsoft gets its mojo back". How very true. I've been blown away by all the cool things MS has done this year!

Over the past few months, Microsoft has transformed its relationship with users and developers, and launched numerous exciting major new products and services. I've blogged about most of the key examples myself right here on this website, from Azure their new cloud platform, to the Orchard CMS framework, and too many other examples to list here.

I think I must have been among the first commentators to recognise the magnitude and importance of the new trend, in recent blog posts and in my original article above. ;)


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