Creating a Blog from scratch with ASP.NET MVC

Why "re-invent the wheel" when there are so many off-the-shelf solutions available? Many web sites offer a free blog service, and there are numerous open-source blog engines available to download. The explanation is simple. If it can be done in less than 60 minutes with ASP.NET MVC, why not try it?

Is one hour an exaggeration? Don't take my word for it; try it yourself. (An un-edited video showing the whole process will be posted later.) There may be some extra features that we would want to add to the basic blogging functionality. But it can all be done in about an hour, without rushing anything.

I created my blog as an experiment.

10 January 2009

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Tim Acheson (11 Aug 09, 12:01)

A colleague forwarded me a link to an outstanding blog post which resonates with the philosophy of this website. It also strikes a chord with my sense-of-humour, in a way that I suspect many experienced web developers will appreciate. A group of web enthusiasts who are more accustomed to working with traditional technologies like Ruby on Rails are currently evaluating ASP.NET MVC by building an open source test app and blogging about it:

Some of you may be surprised ... as we usually build in Rails. The reason we’ve chosen ASP.NET MVC is because we feel that a lot of developers blindly choose frameworks like Rails because 1) Everyone says it’s cool and 2) They hate Microsoft.

There’s a negativity towards the Microsoft stack that we think is narrow minded. Surely we should be technology agnostic, and simply choose the best tool for the job, right? If Jeff Atwood (founder of Stack Overflow) codes in ASP.NET MVC, then surely it’s worth a look.

where is this 1 hour video of how you made your blog please?

Tim Acheson (05 Nov 09, 15:32)

Hello Andy, thanks for your interest, and please accept my apologies for the delay. I'll embed the video on this page ASAP.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a good tutorial, I highly reccomend this ASP.NET MVC quick-start tutorial video. Follow this simple live demo and you'll have a basic web app up and running in less than 10 minutes. (It was this tutorial that inspired me to produce my own video.) I'm embedding the video in my next comment, below.

Alternatively, if you just want to get a blog up and running ASAP using ASP.NET MVC, I reccomend Oxite. If there's something about my website that you like, email me and let's talk in more detail -- I could always just send you the whole Visual Studio solution to give you an instant blog. I consider it open-source.

P.S. I had the raw AVI file (output from CamStudio) on an external hard drive drive, which broke. (Any computer I connect the storage device to now reports that the disc isn't formatted and prompts me to format it.). I need to perform a recovert for this and other temporary files I was storing on there. Admittedly, I hadn't made this video high priority because nobody has asked about it (until now).

Tim Acheson (05 Nov 09, 15:34)

Video: live demo tutorial, build your first ASP.NET MVC website in under 10 minutes

Please install Silverlight or click download to watch video locally.

Hi Tim,

The video does not appear to work for me. Just a big white square.

You offered up you "open source" blog VS solution. I'll take you up on that offer. Can you email it? I'd be much obliged. :)


Tim Acheson (03 Aug 10, 12:50)

Hi Will, I've fixed the embedded player above, by implimenting a simple workaround. The problem is actually on the official ASP.NET website, so I've submitted a bug report and await a response from the community team. (It looks like the video player app has been updated, so the old embed code no longer works. It can be made to work again with a simple tweak.)

Yes, I can send you a previous version of the complete Visual Studio solution for this website and blog, which will work properly right out of the box. I haven't got around to formally releasing it as an open-source ASP.NET MVC-based blog engine yet, but I will do!

I'll send you an email...

Thanks Tim!

Ali Haider (29 Oct 10, 13:56)

I am having a hard time to add blog functionality to my project management web application. I want to add blog functionality where respective developers and managers can see their project blogs and interact on the progress. Can you please me the open source" blog VS solution as well, so that i can see if i can modify it for my purpose?

Tim Acheson (02 Nov 10, 12:49)

Hi Ali, no problem! You can download my BlogMaster project from CodePlex.

this site seems to have problems with IE7 you might want to check this

Tim Acheson (09 Feb 11, 17:27)

Hi Kredite, are you sure? I've sent you an email. (It looks like you're a Mac user from Norway not currently using IE7 to access the website.) The website has been tested both manually and automatically by Selenium in IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9, as well as popular version of other major web browsers, and there are no known issues. A small but significant proportion of users here are on IE7.

What problems did you have? I can't think of anything that could cause an issue. The website is served about as fast as a website can be served, so no matter how bad your connection you should get the page. The CSS is just a common Wordpress template, only the graphics are different. JavaScript only occurs on a small handful of specialist pages, and where it does occur it is entirely optional ("unobtrusive" JS) and explicitly coded to work on all known browsers.

I use a Win XP VM running IE7 and other legacy user agents, and don't see any problems on the site, but if you are still using IE7 I would stringly reccomend upgrading to IE8! :)

Hi Tim, Where is the 1 hour video ? can you please post the link. thanks.

Tuan Nguyen (26 Mar 12, 12:39)

Hi Tim!
I can not see the video!
Can you send me the source code of your blog?

Tim Acheson (03 Apr 12, 17:36)

No problem, Tuan, will do.

You havent uploaded the video yet. Can you please send me the source code. Thanx

Hi great blog!

Was wondering if the video been uploaded?


Hi Tim. Your site is very interesting and thank you for making your BlogMaster files available.

will you still put up your video tutorial? or if you have uploaded it to another site, can you post the link?

i am using chrome and only see a white space where the video should be...


A.Skarlett Sherane (14 May 16, 12:50)

yeah, i second the inquiry, where is the video? we need to be visually informed.

Tim Acheson (11 Jul 16, 13:41)

It's my Ani! You are so cute. Made my day finding you here.

Derek Pauley (16 Feb 17, 04:51)

Haha almost a decade later and we're still looking for the full length video of you building your blog!!


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