BBC and private sector announce major new cross-industry media player project for the UK

A consortium of UK media companies, including the BBC and major commercial broadcasters, today announced a major new project to build a national cross-industry UK media player. Private sector companies involved include Global Radio, the UK's largest commercial radio group.

Digital Britain

The UK Radio Player is exciting news, especially for the millions of radio listeners in the UK. It's also important for the industry, representing a big step toward Digital Britain and the exciting official vision of the future of the UK media industry -- and indeed the future of the internet. We're fortunate in this country to have a government with the foresight to start preparing for the future; a government that appreciates the importance of the technological revolution in the future of the nation. We're privilaged here in the UK to be a part of this in the UK, and at the forefront of progress in embracing new technologies.

I'm working on the project, though it's all been happening behind closed doors until today.

Watch this space... ;)


19 November 2009

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