Trying out Silverlight Streaming, while it's still there!

I've been trying out Microsoft's streaming platform for the Cloud, "Silverlight Streaming". It's one of a range of cool services Microsoft has been considering for Windows Live, alongside SkyDrive, MS Office Apps, Hotmail, Spaces, etc, etc.

Try it now -- it's free!

Despite the name, there's more to this than Silverlight. It's a cool way store, host and stream media, and host Silverlight applications..

It was only a trial, and a version of the service will eventually be moving to a permanent home on Azure. So try it out in your next mashup or hack day, while you still can!

Video player example: using 1 line of HTML embed code generated by Silverlight Streaming on

[Update: the demo no longer works on the old URL, it has all been moved over to Azure where it's bigger and better than before!]

27 October 2009

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