Web advertising overtakes TV advertising – for the first time in history!

Advertising online is now more important than advertising on TV, as spending on web-based ad campaigns overtakes spending on TV ads for the first time ever. This is an historic landmark, and of course it's good news for the industry! Congratulations to online advertising -- your era has dawned!

Online advertising has been gaining popularity at an astonishing rate ever since the first banner ads surfaced on web pages back in the mid 1990s when the standard 468 x 60 pixel ad was born. Since then online advertising has evolved, with companies trying ever more innovative methodologies -- from social media, viral marketing, and microsites, through to doing interesting things in partnership with third-party websites. The world of online ads is still dominated by variations on the old-school traditional-type ad placement on web pages -- typically an image or Flash app. But that's really "so last millennium" now.

The future of online advertising will be much more diverse and more sophisticaed. And new RIA client technologies like Silverlight, in combination with new RIA server technologies like RIA Services, are introducing entirely new possibilities for advertising and user-engagement...

01 October 2009

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