New version of coming soon

A new version of the Bing web portal is imminent -- if rumours leaked following an internal company meeting by several Microsoft insiders on the microblogging site Twitter, and subsequently blogged widely, prove to be reliable.

The next version of Bing will include a new version of Bing Maps, enriched by Silverlight technology. I very much look forward to using Bing Maps enhanced by Silverlight browser technology. I love the existing version of Bing Maps (formerly Microsoft Maps). It's extremely fast and seriously smooth. Try zooming with the mouse-wheel -- an awesome user experience.

The client-side code currently used to surface Bing Maps is a really innovative, elegant solution. The server is state-of-the-art, and the architecture utilises streaming technology to control the flow of data. I wonder if the new Maps will use Silverlight 3.0...

11 September 2009

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