Bing market-share rose by 22% last month

Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, is rapidly gaining popularity and market share.

The latest trends documented in a report published by Nielsen earlier week reveal a 22% increase in Bing usage last month, gaining Microsoft a 10% share of the online search market, with over a billion searches in August. This is astonishing growth -- the graph shoots up like a rocket. Putting this into perspective among the top 3 search engines, Google usage grew 2%, while Yahoo usage fell 4%.

Bing will get a new boost in a few days with the launch of the next version of the search engine, billed as Bing 2.0. People are genuinely excited about this, and not just because of the cool 3D effects introduced with the new Visual Search feature by Silverlight technology.

These days I find myself using Bing more than Google. I'm an eager early-adopter, so my preferences today have the potential to be reflected in the marketplace later on. Bing is a new toy, and it makes a refreshing change. I even find myself increasingly enjoying some of the other services by Windows Live like Spaces, and SkyDrive!

I never made the conscious decision to use Google less; I just find myself using Bing more -- and I'm not ashamed to say I love it.

17 September 2009

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