The next big blockbuster video game launches next week: Halo 3 ODST

The top headline on the BBC News technology page is currently the imminent release of the next big blockbuster video game, Halo 3: ODST, which will drop onto the market on Tuesday next week.

The ODST project is the fruit of a major collaboration between Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios. It's the sequel to Halo 3, their previous project -- one of the best-selling games of all time.

This one of the most eagerly-anticipated products in the history of gaming and interactive entertainment. The game is about a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers deployed to defend earth against a surprise attack by extraterrestrial invaders. ODST troopers are a vision of what soldiers might be like in the distant future. They appear to be based on the Parachute Regiment, an elite special forces unit within the British army who drop into battle from the sky. Scenes in the theatrical trailer (video below) closely resemble P-Company, an extreme selection process on the path to becoming Para commando.

Bungie's web portal, to which a major update was deployed this week to accommodate ODST more fully, is literally the best game website ever created -- by far. The website is thoroughly integrated with the game, with a vast array of features and options much wider and richer than any other game-related website. In particular, the new Render to Video feature is at the cutting-edge of interactive entertainment services. Meanwhile has implemented a new splash page dedicated to ODST, with interactive information and multimedia, powered by Silverlight.

Microsoft has just exhibited the full version of Halo 3: ODST publicly for the first time, and those who witnessed the game in its full glory are extremely impressed.

Video: Halo 3: ODST theatrical trailer

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18 September 2009

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Tim Acheson (18 Sep 09, 14:04)

Regarding the theatrical trailer; surely they should make a movie out of the Halo trilogy? It's long overdue...

"We Are ODST"

Love it.


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