The iPhone: over-rated and over-priced?

A recent report on the iPhone dispelled the popular myths surrounding this over-priced, over-rated designer-label product. The truth is, it's just a Smartphone -- an expensive, trendy mobile phone which disproportionately dominates the news (and not by coincidence).

Much of iPhone mythology can be credited to Apple and the corporation's ingenious marketing and PR operations -- from straight-up advertising to more covert propaganda and subtle product-placement opportunities. Such is the hype, it seems that any story regarding the iPhone is considered newsworthy.

A few months back, a telecoms consulting company which has long been sceptical about the importance of the iPhone and its value to operators released a pretty devastating report. Strand Consult's The Moment of Truth: A Portrait of the iPhone set out to demolish what it said were 10 myths about the "miracle" handset
(Source: BBC Technology blog)

Apple is working hard to push the iPhone to more customers. Until recently the iPhone was exclusive to one mobile network here in the UK, but it's soon to be offered by other mobile networks.

29 September 2009

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