Latest version of Mac OS is less secure than older version of Windows

The new version of Apple's flagship Mac operating system, the recently released "Mac OS X Snow Leopard" (version 10.6), is not as secure than Windows. Even much older versions of Windows, like Vista, are more secure the newest Mac OS.

A leading independent security expert, who recently demonstrated that a fully patched Macbook can be hacked in a matter of seconds, expressed surprise and disappointment that Apple doesn't do enough to protect its customers.

"Apple didn't change anything. It's the exact same ASLR as in Leopard, which means it's not very good. I hoped Snow Leopard would do full ASLR, but it doesn't. I don't understand why they didn't. But Apple missed an opportunity with Snow Leopard. ... "

There is some good news for anybody who owns a computer with Apple's Snow Leopard software installed. Fortunately, so few people use Macs compared to Windows that hackers rarely bother with it:

In the end, Miller agreed that hackers' disinterest in Mac OS X comes down to numbers rather than the security measures that Apple adds to the operating system.

Since its release Snow Leopard has been afflicted by numerous bugs and security issues -- before, during and after its official release. (A web search for relevant keywords finds numerous reports by ordinary Mac users, and of course various posts by Apple fanboys defending Snow Leopard. Twitter provides another useful source of examples.) Snow Leopard even ships with an old and buggy version of the Flash web browser software with known security vulnerabilities, putting web users at risk:

Snow Leopard ships with an old, insecure version of the Flash browser plugin, widely used on the web to display video, animations and ads.

Apple has given no explanation for the decision to install Flash Player, rather than the latest version available from Adobe:

Apple has achieved great popularity and commercial success with a range of expensive-but-pretty designer brands, including Mac, Macbook, iPhone and iPod.

17 September 2009

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Tim Acheson (13 Oct 09, 13:41)

Update: latest bug in Apple's latest Mac operating system, Snow Leopard, deletes all your files.

Users of the new Apple operating system Snow Leopard are experiencing massive data losses when logging into their machines under a guest account.

The problem appears to affect those who had a guest account enabled before upgrading to Snow Leopard.

Users have in some cases lost their entire main profile, including sites, pictures, videos and documents.

... The issue follows closely on the heels of vast data losses by the Sidekick handset in the US, whose software was designed by Microsoft subsidiary Danger.

(BBC News)


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