Silverlight User Group -- highlights from last night's RIA session

Last night's Silverlight User Group session here in London delivered an intriguing journey into some extremely useful hot topics in the development. (Follow the #sluguk timeline on Twitter).

Goodie-bag from yesterday's SLUG meeting

This was a good event with a whole load of interesting people. I witnessed a lot of information and ideas being exchanged, and people getting solutions to problems. Special gratitude is due to EMC for providing an excellent venue for this event, Michelle Flynn for organising it, Ian Blackburn and Ian Smith for serving-up such useful, practical presentations -- especially the live on-screen coding demos! Thanks also to Microsoft for bankrolling the feast of pizza and beer, and Scott Guthrie who was wanted to be there but wasn't! Never mind; we can catch-up with the legendary Gu later at his MVC 2 event in London this evening. Busy week, eh!

Events like these really are the life and soul and beating heart of the UK tech community. It's a privilege to be a part of it. Thanks everybody!

30 September 2009

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Mark Mann [Silverlight UK User Group Organiser] (04 Oct 09, 16:25)

Thanks for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed the evening.

I've posted up the slide decks from the Silverlight UK User Group #9 on my blog here.


Tim Acheson (05 Oct 09, 17:38)

Thanks Mark, that's very useful. I've updated my OP accordingly. :)


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