US army develops Silverlight app for managing troop deployment

The US army has migrated their troop resourcing system to Silverlight 2.0, replacing an existing conventional desktop software application powered by .NET 3.5.

The project is an instructive example of Silverlight adoption in a highly stringent mission-critical scenario. It’s also a useful case-study to demonstrate the benefits and ease of migrating a desktop-based Windows Form app to a web-based Silverlight app. Silverlight makes rich internet applications extremely powerful and versatile, and of course a web app is infinitely easier to distribute, deploy and maintain.

The US military operates an extremely secure desktop environment, and strictly controls the software permitted to run on its computers. The Silverlight browser plug-in has been approved for military use.

I heard about the project in the latest blog post by Tim Heuer. I can't improve on his report, therefore I shall simply refer the reader to his article.

For your convenience, I've embedded a video demo of the new Silverlight app below, which is kindly provided by a Heuer's distinguished colleague, Adam Kinney, whose concise synopsis of the project deserves to be quoted here in full:

Get Microsoft Silverlight
Dan Hickman from ProModel tells the story of converting their Predictive Troop Resourcing application for the U.S. Army from a Windows Forms application to a Silverlight-based application. Reusing existing .NET code, working with familiar controls from IdeaBlade, and helping to get Silverlight on the approved browser plug-ins list for the Army; ProModel was able to build the application in a very short amount of time.

10 September 2009

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