New music chart launching: Best British Songs of All Time

An interesting new music chart will be launched this weekend! The Best of British Songs is a chart listing the Top 100 home-grown songs in Britain. It's been masterminded by Xfm, arguably one of the coolest radio stations in the UK. Xfm plays rock, indie, various stuff, loads of new tracks along with the top classics, catering for the "leading edge of mainstream taste".

The chart will be revealed track-by-track in a huge multi-platform event, with announcements on-air and the interactive features online, from Monday at 10 AM (UK bank holiday). I soft-launched the website today, so here's a sneak-preview:-

This Best British Songs (BBS) chart website taps into a rich seam of content on the main Xfm website, powered by the Artist Content Engine (ACE) which is basically an API for an advanced database for delivering rich, unique content for music tracks and the artists/musicians responsible. The ACE web service is powered by the WCF framework. It's an in-house system, developed and maintained by my team.

The BBS web application (developed by me) powered by cutting-edge technology like ASP.NET MVC, integrated with development and design work done by three of my colleagues. It's essentially a reskinned white-label microsite, based on the chart website for Classic FM Hall of Fame which I blogged about. (Check out my blog post on that, for details of the technology and the team who delivered the project.)


29 April 2010

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