Movie Music Chart -- launched today

A new website, the Movie Music Chart, is launching today:

It's being launched by Classic FM, the UK's largest classical music radio station with over 5.5 million listeners each week, and promoted online and in their official magazine.

Check out the website now to see whether and where your favourite film soundtracks have made it in the chart! Lord of the Rings ranked Number 1... Can you guess the rest of the Top 10 or the Top 100?

I built the website in about about a day on the Microsoft Web Platform, powered by ASP.NET MVC, with Entity Framework and SQL Server.


27 August 2010

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Tim Acheson (27 Aug 10, 11:05)

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Davinder Bains (30 Aug 10, 21:38)

Thanks for releasing this gem! I really can't wait till the users vote. Really excited for the website too! I wonder what the first 10 will be.


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