The Ultimate Hall of Fame: the definitive classical music chart

Exclusive preview: I've been working on a new website, positioned to be the ultimate classical music chart -- the Ultimate Hall of Fame:

When the website is launched, on New Year's Day 2011, the editors will be revealing the public's favourite pieces and composers, in the form of an interactive music chart. For the time being, the list of music and the position of each track in the chart is a closely-guarded secret... So watch this space... Each year for the past fifteen years, listeners of Classic FM, the UK's largest nation-wide classical music radio station, have voted for their favourite tracks in the annual Hall of Fame event. The new UHOF chart is calculated from data for the past fifteen years! I hope nobody minds me giving my followers on Twitter this exclusive developer's sneak preview of a work in progress! ;)

Features include Facebook integration, and users can comment on, and discuss the music and listen online to Classic FM. (Keep an eye on this blog for details of HTML5 features on the chart website and other projects I've been working on.)

In terms of technology, this new chart website is state-of-the-art. It's an ASP.NET MVC web app comprising an Entity Framework model, powered by load-balanced IIS web servers, with a SQL Server database tier. It all runs on Windows Server 2008 servers.


09 December 2010

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Tim Acheson (09 Dec 10, 14:11)

Social media -- stalk me and have your say!

Tim Acheson (05 Jan 11, 16:43)

Ultimate Hall of Fame: revealed

The project was a great success, with about a quarter of a million hits during the UHOF website during the peak of the count-down process, and of course that figure continues to rise. The website is still attracting a lot of interest today, and based on the long-term success of previous chart websites UHOF is likely to have a healthy flow of traffic for the foreseeable future.

The Ultimate Hall of Fame was unveiled over four days, with each piece of music announced and played on air and online, climaxing with Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor at the top of the chart.

The UHOF chart generated quite a buzz on social media. There were lively discussions and countless comments on Classic FM's Facebook page, with most users expressing their approval of the results, but many strongly disagreeing. A few people were evidently glad that Lark Ascending didn't win, which has topped the Hall of Fame for a few years running. There were hundreds of tweets about it on Twitter, with hashtags like #UltimateHallOfFame and #UHoF, as well as various other references and mentions. (Commenting activity on the website its self was interesting, although it might have worked better if the revealing of the tracks online had been synchronised ahead of the music being played on air, because in most cases commenting was only available once the next track was available or even the track after that!)

i can't access the site from a virgin media isp, is there a workaround? i'm only up to 200...


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