Highlights from Silverlight User Group UK #11

My top highlights from last night's 11th Silverlight User Group UK at Microsoft's customer service centre in London. [Google's cache of official blog post by the community organisers (blog currently down)]

- Event Twitter hashtag: #SLUGUK.

- Assets: slide decks, presentation videos (surfaced through Flash??!)

- NOTE: These are just my rough notes, I'll update this page and tidy-up later! ;)

Bing Maps - WOW!

Impressive demo and interesting facts presented by Johannes Kebeck (Bing Maps TSp)

Cool Bing+Silverlight SDK demos, by the one and only map-meister Kebeck

Tip: check out Johannes' blog for loads more cool demos.

A few related MS tech community networks (kindly listed by Johannes)

Overview of MEF

Useful presentation and live coding demo my Mike Taulty (UK DPE) showing-off this new way of building apps in .NET 4. Apps which can evolve at run-time... Useful for rapid development via magic Satisfy... method, flexible and potentially very powerful!


If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to help.

04 February 2010

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