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21 January 2010

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Bill Gates (21 Jan 10, 13:27)

Tim, dude, your website ROCKS! ASP.NET MVC is the way to go, it's the future, and you proved it right here.

[Ok, I posted this comment myself -- somebody has to test these things, right? For the record, Bill's own personal website is powered by conventional ASP.NET but I did tweet him about upgrading to MVC.]

What's the future of Asp.Net MVC? is everyone going to forget about it in a few years?

Tim Acheson (23 Jan 10, 12:45)

The future of ASP.NET MVC is assured; it;s integral to the future of the web. It's an essential part of the Microsoft Web Platform, and central to MS's strategy future for the web.

ASP.NET MVC version 2 is about to be released, with some impressive improvements. It's worth looking into the Orchard project, a major open source CMS project based on ASP.NET MVC which is likely to become a very important platform when it is released.

ASP.NET MVC is currently the best way to build websites. It will probably be a long while before something better comes along.

Hi Tim

This is the ONLY place on the web that explains the Skydrive issues everyone has been having...



Tim Acheson (08 Feb 10, 10:08)

Thanks for the feedback, I've certainly had a lot of emails (hundreds) about the SkyDrive limitations and the need for a SkyDrive API, and so far I'm pleased to see that everyone has been able to solve the problem using the kind of steps I outline in my blog posts on the topic.

Jhon Noble (21 Mar 10, 12:38)

Your blog has really given me a wider understanding of Asp.Net MVC and other Microsoft technologies. I do hope that you continue with posting posts in your blog section!

Thank you Tim!

ChrisYella (22 Mar 10, 15:00)

Hi Tim,
I have a question regarding a post you made on the forums; "How can I handle a Bad Request in ASP.NET MVC". In this post you stated that you were successful in handling a 400 bad request by utilizing ISAPI_Rewrite.

Would you know if it is possible to use this same tech to handle 400 bad requests that occur because the website has been stopped in IIS?


Tim Acheson (25 Mar 10, 16:17)

Thanks, Jhon! Always a pleasure to hear from a satisfied customer. ;) Rest assued, I'll keep posting here as long as there's life in this mortal shell.

Tim Acheson (25 Mar 10, 16:21)

Hi Chris, I can confirm that to date I have still found no way of achieving that functionality in ASP.NET MVC. The scenario you describe poses a similar problem -- you'll never be able to handle that in the web application, because if IIS is stopped obviously it'll never reach the application. The easiest solution for your problem would probably be to simply set-up a custom error page in the usual way in IIS.

Twisted Blogger (02 Jun 10, 10:13)

Your skydrive API rocks! Its amazing why the biggies cannot provide this. Hats off to you. Simple solutions for simple problems
All the best

Hi Tim,
You left a link to comment on your webpage after I emailed you with regards to the knights templer and your connections to them. I also did some reading and its believed the story about 'Secret' underground tunnels in Hertford is a hoax?
But after some contact with somone I wont mention, they filled me in on a few things about Hertford and also about an 'Enlightened' object on top of a building which very few people know of.

Very interesting stuff.

I used his code for the direct address of skydrive. And It works great. I am sure that he will have more good stuff. He is so kind.

saeedpaaras (02 Jun 10, 15:58)

Last time, I inquired from you about playing a flv file present on skydrive and you have told me that the links provided by skydrive are dynamic in nature. they are not permanent and expires soon.
I think a java script (embeded in webpage) can be created who refreshes the skydrive flv file link when we open our webpage. If it is possible then flv file will run everytime we open our webpage.

What's your opinion, I do not know any thing about java but I know a little about vbscript.

Secondly, I have another problem.
I have a total 55GB Video (flv) data. I want to upload it and run it as in the form of youtube. I am uploading it on since youtube reconvert it again and loses quality and also due to time limit of 10 minutes.
Ziddu does not provide page setting. It creates his own page setting and I find no other way to use it on my webpages. Only skydrive can solve my problem if the problem of dynamic link is solved.

thanks in anticipation

Richard Ludowsie (04 Jun 10, 02:42)

Hi Tim.

Your Skydrive API is working great for my website. I store Micosoft Flight Simulator terrain files at SkyDrive. Some are huge files that require using 7zip to split them. My file users keep asking for a clickable World map to show them which files they are downloading... and they want direct-link downloading.

Your API has solved the problem for me:

Thanks Tim!

Tim, You are brilliant.
I'm using a lot you Skydrive redirector in my classroom blog.

Thank you a lot =]

I have been finding your SkyDrive API from your blog (on this page) that allowed us to have a permalink for SkyDrive files very useful and I have been using it for quite a while for my streaming audios. But, since when Microsoft launched the new SkyDrive the API link with the "" started to not work. That means that my every single embed htmls weren't working.

So, may I request you to develop an updated permalink API compatible with the new


Tim Acheson (28 Jun 11, 20:43)

Hi John, yes I've received a large volume of emails about this. An updated version of my unofficial SkyDrive API will be released soon to work with the new SkyDrive system.

The new version of SkyDrive released in Windows Live, Wave 5, dispensed with the details page for individual files, and because the URL of the details page for a file was an input parameter for my API, of course that will no longer work.

Where and when possible, add your voice to all us SkyDrive users and developers who would love MS to release a public version of the official SkyDrive API ASAP! ;)


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