Windows Live feature request: Movie Maker web app

Microsoft needs to launch a web-based video-editing application, integrated with SkyDrive for storage, playback and sharing!

Presumably it would be called the Windows Live Movie Maker web app.

Microsoft already offers free video-editing software that runs on the conventional desktop environment, in the form of Windows Live Movie Maker. It's part of the  Windows Live Essentials free software suite. (Windows Movie Maker historially has been free with Windows.) Windows Live at is, of course, Microsoft's primary Cloud plat form for providing web apps for regular users, such as MS Office web apps, SkyDrive, Hotmail, etc. Microsoft have already announced they that 90% of MS software will be made available as web apps. Microsoft recently launched the SkyDrive video player app, something that I predicted and was lobbying for right from the launch of SkyDrive. Clearly, therefore, a web-based version of Movie Maker would be a natural progression of what MS is already doing.

Based on current observations, I predict that MS is already planning a Movie Maker web app. If so, I reccomend that they expedite the process. If not, I reccomend that they initiate a project to do so immediately. :) Video-editing online is a very useful feature, especially in association with storage and playback features. 

Note that this week we saw the roll-out of a new video-editing feature on YouTube. YouTube tried to launch a similar feature back in 2007, called YouTube Remixer, based on Adobe's commercial video-editing software, but it was very buggy and very slow, and the feature was soon dropped. Let's hope YouTube did a better job this time. ;)

16 June 2010

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I really hope that Microsoft will release an online version of Windows Movie Maker; this will improve the quality of videos on the web and increase the competition between Google and Microsoft -- more quality features added.


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