Halo Reach -- major new game coming soon!

Later this year the video game Halo: Reach will be released. It will be one of the biggest events in the industry this year. It's likely to be the Game of the Year 2010.

Halo: Reach is the latest game in the hugely popular, first-person-shooter genre-defining, Halo series. It's the newest project by Bungie in collaboration with MIcrosoft Game Studios. It's an important milestone for interactive entertainment. The video gaming industry is already bigger than the movie industry, and it's still gaining momentum with exciting and innovative new projects like Halo: Reach.

Video: Birth of a Spartan

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The theatrical trailer (above) has just been revealed in the lead-up to the first Beta release of the game next week. I love the video, its sci-fi theme featuring military training reminds me of the trailer for Halo: ODST which is still my favourite game trailer of all time.

I received a nice little email from Xbox.com today, reminding me that the multiplayer Beta begins on Monday, 3 May. I'll see you there!

01 May 2010

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The Halo Reach Beta is beyond great!! I'm so excited to see the new capabilities they've given to the game. Graphics are beyond fantastic, and game play is seamless. Halo Reach is sure to be The Game of the Year.

Tim Acheson (10 May 10, 20:42)

My thoughts exactly, Rachel! :) After falling in love with Halo 3, Reach did take some getting used to. Once I began to understand the differences, like the special abilities, and the new game types, I quickly fell in love with Reach multiplayer.

IMHO it's all about the stats, and of course Halo has always led the way with stats.

Tim Acheson (03 May 10, 22:45)

I'm enjoying the Reach beta so far! I've already captured a couple of videos and screenshots! ;)

Tim Acheson (16 Jun 10, 13:25)

Good news! The latest from E3 2010:

In Halo: Reach, we'll have matchmaking for Firefight.

I've been lobbying for matchmaking in Firefight and Campaign from the very beginning.

Now we know that the lack of matchmaking from Firefight in Halo 3: ODST was Bungie's "biggest regret".



Thanks, Bungie!

Tim Acheson (01 Jul 10, 11:47)

This turned out to be "the biggest console beta test of all time" - by far. The Reach beta was downloaded by over a million gamers the day it was launched! (OXM, July 2010.)

Bungie achieved a zero-bug release of Reach on Wednesday last week, as announced in their weekly update and on Twitter. Grats!

Tim Acheson (01 Jul 10, 12:31)

Bugs I reported

Videos showing some of the most interesting/ funny bugs I reported during the Reach beta.

Trapped due to spawning under the floor

Gray polygon in doorway

Lethal respawn, persistent instant death

Videos from the Reach beta are currently unavailable on Bungie.net, but I uploaded them to my Reach Beta YouTube playlist and will just have to embed the content this way until Reach is launched:

Tim Acheson (23 Jul 10, 09:28)

Apparently the folks at Xbox.com agree with me that Reach will be "the gaming event of 2010" -- they said so in their latest Facebook post today, and an official press release linked-to in Major Nelson's announcement of the "Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo: Reach Bundle".

Tim Acheson (12 Sep 10, 10:01)

Halo: Reach premiere -- I was there!

I had the great honour of being invited to the Halo Reach launch event last week. I've posted exclusive videos, photos, and info on my blog, including never-before-seen multiplayer maps, and a hands-on preview game-play demo Enjoy!


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