Red Dead Redemption -- epic new game now released

A major new game, Red Dead Redemption, has just been released by Rockstar games. It's a masterpiece!

This launch is an important event, and an evolutionary step. It's a profoundly ambitious, genre-defining game, which sets new standards and transports the interactive entertainment industry to the next level. The unprecedented epic size and quality and sophistication of the game make it well worthy of a blog post, especially after Rockstar were kind enough to send me an email today announcing the launch.

Video: Red Dead Redemption official launch trailer

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This is the latest work of art by the master craftsmen at the sacred game studio that produced GTA IV, and RDR is based on the same leading game engine. Fundamentally it's a new breed of open-world adventure/shooter. Unlike anything before (including GTA IV and all the open-world urban copycats like Saints Row) this is set in the Wild West in the colonial era of cowboys and Indians in North America.

This is a highly original game. But in making RDR, Rockstar has clearly taken inspiration from other epic masterpiece games. Aspects of the game are strongly reminiscent of Far Cry 2 (e.g. the terrain, the shootable wild game) Oblivion (e.g. the environment, the horse-riding, the huntable/skinnable animals), Fable II (e.g. morality spectrum, and some of the atmospheric music sounds inspired by Fable, too), and of course GTA IV. Also, World of Warcraft (the character progression, levels, freeroam with PvP and PvE experiences), and Call of Duty, especially Modern Warfare 2 (multiplayer levelling and rewards/perks). Yet, make no mistake, RDR improves astronomically on everything that we've played before. In particular, the environment is more detailed and realistic than anything similar to date, and the whole experience far more advanced in so many ways.

There's a good set of screenshots and videos for RDR on

Enjoy! ;)

19 May 2010

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Tim Acheson (11 Jun 10, 13:17)

Reccomended videos

All things considered, RDR is an almighty strong candidate for Game of the Year 2010.

Fantastic game, it really shows what can be done with the ps3 and xbox and sets the bar really high.

Tim Acheson (04 Sep 10, 10:21)

Red Dead Redemption DLC

I feel it necessary to mention the Red Dead Redemption's downloadable content (DLC) here, for completeness and because the game studio deserves our appreciation!

Rockstar games announced four DLC packs for RDR. The quality of the content, and the rapid timetable for release (before most players have finished playing RDR and moved on to another game) is extremely impressive. This is good for business, and it's also exactly what gamers want. We're already halr-way through the DLC releases, and the content so far has been excellent.Thanks, Rockstar!

Tim Acheson (04 Sep 10, 10:29)

Red Dead Dedemption bugs n' glitches

I can't resist sharing some of the best glitches I've encountered in RDR and managed to capture on video:

Sadly, RDR doesn't incorporate an in-game video capture feature, and there's no video sharing on the official website, so I've used YouTube instead

Tim Acheson (04 Nov 11, 12:09)

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