IE9 is the fastest web browser -- confirmed by Facebook's new speed test platform

The world's fastest web browser is Internet Explorer 9

Facebook has launched a new platform for speed testing of web apps, with a focus on HTML5 and JavaScript, and it's official:-

"Microsoft's upcoming IE9 crushes the competition on the speed test"

Windows users can also benefit from the world's second fastest web browser, the latest Windows verson of Chrome, with Facebook's speed test suite confirming "the Windows version of Google's upcoming Chrome 10 in second place".

For advanced client web apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, exemplified by the next-generation of games based on rich web client technology, Internet Explorer 9 is the best browser available -- by far. But still, nothing beats the performance of web apps developed using Silverlight, which combines GPU hardware acceleration with a much faster run-time environment than JavaScript can offer at this point in time.

01 February 2011

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Tim Acheson (01 Feb 11, 10:50)

Previously blogged: IE8 is the most secure web browser.

Controversial, but true. It's still considered cool and trendy to criticise Microsoft and praise their rivals. Personally, I'm less concerned with trying to look cool. ;)

Pragnesh Patel (01 Feb 11, 11:06)

Its only the fastest for the tested benchmark!

Tim Acheson (01 Feb 11, 16:57)

Hi Pragnesh, yes IE9 was the fastest web browser (by far) in the key benchmark cited as the example, and illustrated by the bar-graph, on Facebook's official note about their JSGameBench performance testing suite for client web apps. And JSGameBench represents a whole suite of tests. If you have other specific benchmarks that we could compare between browsers, I'd be interested to see them. Obviously for next-gen HTML/JavaScript games with HTML5, the animated sprites benchmark shown in the chart is fundamental. :)

Tim Acheson (03 Feb 11, 15:34)

IE is also the most HTML5-compliant browser

IE9 is currently the best web browser for HTML5, as confimed recently by the W3C:-

I tweeted about IE9 being the best browser for HTML compliance a while ago, but apart from me I'm not sure whether anybody else had noticed.

Of course, no browser is 100% perfectly compliant with HTML5; nor would we expect that. Version 5 of the HTML specification is still a draft document and subject to change.

IE9 hasn't exactly been released yet. Also, standard benchmarks like Kraken and SunSpider show Chrome to still beat IE9. It does well as being faster than Firefox though.

Tim Acheson (10 Feb 11, 11:41)

Jay wrote: "IE9 hasn't exactly been released yet. Also, standard benchmarks like Kraken and SunSpider show Chrome to still beat IE9. It does well as being faster than Firefox though."

HTML5 hasn't been released yet, either, it's still a draft, but that doesn't dissuade Google and Apple and their fan communities from disingenuously criticising old versions of IE for not adopting it!

Benchmarks like like Kraken and SunSpider? We don't yet have any results for the latest IE9 release candidate in these benchmarks, so we can't compare. Clearly, though, Google actively taylors Chrome to look good in certain benchmarks, and such a lame strategy might impress the average user but web developers are less impressed. These benchmarks test the very simplest isolated operations and DOM manipulations and are not a realistic representation of what current web applications are doing.


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