UK Radio Player launching online on 31 March!

It's official! We've been working on it, and today we're officially allowed to tell you about it.

Radio Player -- the UK's official cross-industry online media player web app, is launching at the end of this month!

It's a landmark project for the media industry, and definitely something for everybody to look forward to in the first week of April. It's the fruit of a collaboration between multiple companies including Global (the UK's largest commercial radio company) and the BBC (the largest publicly-funded media company). That's all we can tell you for now...

In the meantime, for more info check out my last blog post on the UK Radio Player and of course the official project website and @UKRadioPlayer on Twitter. Enjoy!

I worked on it at Global where the "player" is powered by the MS Web Platform. The web app app and associated web service APIs are built using ASP.NET MVC technology. It's a state-of-the-art web app.

Watch this space for more info!

*** Update, 31 March 2011 ***

THe UK Radioplayer has now launched! Live demo.

UK Radio Player logo

04 March 2011

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Steve Thompson (12 Mar 11, 19:35)

Hi Tim,
Will Radioplayer replace Iplayer? or run alongside of it? I ask because Im a rabid user of Get_Iplayer and would be devastated if I couldn't download my favorite shows to listen to on my mp3 player (and no, theyr'e not all available on Podcast)

Hi Steve, I received your email and sent you a reply.

Sam Casserly (17 Mar 11, 15:54)

Good luck with Radioplayer! I'll be creating the promotional for it that Michael Hill we be using at the launch.

Tim Acheson (25 Mar 11, 09:16)

Hi Sam! Yep, I heard you were working on that! ;) I look forward to seeing it! Our instance of the player is ready to go live when I push the button...

Tim Acheson (31 Mar 11, 09:21)

Buzz this morning (launch day) -- selected examples from an ongoing flow of many thousands of newspaper articles as well as tweets and blog posts online:-

Wow -- this story was massively trending on Twitter today!

What a great disappointment radioplayer is. Doesn't do anything useful for me. I was expecting a desktop app or something not having to go to a site then click on the radioplayer to use it. Winamp and numerous other players can be used much better and with more versatility and less clicks. I really am very very very disappointed with this after all the hoo haa in the press etc - One word sums it up for me - What do I think of it so far _ RUBBISH

Tim Acheson (01 Apr 11, 12:01)

HI Jep, thanks for your feedback, it' smost welcome. (I don't take it personally either; in fact I didn't design it I just implemented designs and functionality as spec'd.) Don't worry -- this is just the beginning for the project, so watch this space... :)

Hi, similar message to Steve's - I'm an avid listener to iPlayer in Belgium.

Will radio still be a part of iPlayer (I'm not remotely interested in TV)?
Will the iPlayer app for Apple mobile OS have the radio component and, finally, if not will radio player permit listen again and the other functions of iPlayer and be available as a non-flash dependent app for Apple mobile devices?

I've waited with grateful anticipation for a subscription iPlayer app for the iPad and now I'm really worried that when it does come out, it will only be for TV.

I'd love some reassurance on this.

Many thanks,

Tim Acheson (01 Jun 11, 09:12)

Update: UK RadioPlayer releases its first figures (J Cridland's blog)

"Big news: the RadioPlayer is larger than ITV and Channel 4 combined."


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