Essential games for Xbox 360

My list of the best games available on Xbox 360, which is the best platform currently available for gaming and interactive entertainment.

22 September 2011

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"•Dead or Alive 4

The best fighting game ever made "

Should read

"•Dead or Alive 4

The best fighting game ever made for Xbox "

Tekken (any version) beats it any day of the week..

Stevo, Tekken is a fantastic game, I've loved it ever since PS1, but still nothing beats DoA4. Have you tried it?? It's not just because it's so beautiful -- the moves and controls are so intuitive and range from simple to highly advanced. Also by Techmo / Team Ninja, see Ninja Gaiden 3 (out this year) and of course the beautiful classic DoA Xtreme 2 hehe ;)

What can I do to tempt you to get an Xbox? MW3 is out soon, to name just one must-have multiplayer game out this year!


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