Easy Living website launch showcases next-gen online publishing

Easy Living magazine relaunched their website last night, with a landmark new design, which is well worth checking out:


The new EL website takes a genuinely new and fresh, innovative approach to web design, and represents an evolutionary step for online publishing. The most obvious characteristic is the sexy new grid layout, implemented with Responsive Design principles.

The website is equally impressive under the hood, showcasing the very latest state-of-the-art enterprise web technologies and a comprehensive set of cutting-edge buzz words including HTML5/CSS3 UI markup with microformats, with multi-platform multi-device content and advertising being the key. [Now, here's the science part...] The web app is powered by ASP.NET, with MVC3's clean and elegant Razor view engine, an Umbraco CMS, a SQL Server database layer, and Lucene indexing revving like the roar of a wild beast beneath every page. It's hosted in the cloud, on Amazon's EC2 infrastructure which provides an excellent environment for the Microsoft Web Platfiorm. Back in the office we operate with Agile processes and practices, and a distributed source control architecture comprising Mercurial (Hg) and Kiln with CI in TeamCity. Although we're all very professional of course, believe me, we have a lot of fun doing it.  Enjoy! ;)

I'm proud to have been a part of the small, elite Agile/Scrum dev team (Condé Nast Digital) which delivered this project, launching on time (in fact ahead of schedule).

02 February 2012

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Tim Acheson (02 Feb 12, 10:57)

Update: we've had some good feedback so far, yay!

  • "Jamie Jouning, Condé Nast digital director, said, “The new Easy Living site represents a major step change for Condé Nast Digital as we look to move away from the standard web template and welcome in the new world of responsive design.”


  • "Condé Nast has redesigned the Easy Living website to ensure content works on any screen size, as its readers increasingly use multiple devices."


  • "While gaining a better understanding of customers through data is all very well, publishers must not ignore other more traditional revenue streams, such as advertising, altogether but instead come up with new and innovative ways to approach them.

    "A good example of this is Condé Nast. It has moved away from the classic format of having editorial on the left and ads on the right for the new Easy Living website, which will be unveiled tomorrow. Instead, ads on the home page will be weaved into the editorial mix in a bid to create different and more engaging ways for advertisers to reach the magazine’s audience."


  • "Intelligent, inspiring, informative; Easy Living the UK’s sophisticated, grown-up women’s monthly proudly unveils a newly designed magazine and website under new Editor Deborah Joseph, for its March 2012 issue.

    "In alignment with the print brand, the re-launch of the site offers a distinctive and sophisticated new design with easy to use navigation, a revolutionary grid-like layout and endless high-quality features for a new target audience for the title; a younger reader..."

    (In Publishing)

  • "Condé Nast redesigns Easy Living magazine and website
    ... Conde Nast's redesigned Easy Living magazine hit newsstands this week, backed up by the launch of the brand's first fully functioning website.
    ...A new website was also launched this week. Photographs such as interior shots and video footage feature heavily, while the brand also has its own Twitter account and Facebook page. The site will be updated hourly, so PROs can place content there, particularly if it is more news-driven or they have missed the print deadlines. ..."


  • "Easy Living Relaunches With News-Driven Agenda
    The website has been redesigned in alignment with the magazine and features easy to use navigation and a new grid-like layout.
    The re-design will be backed by a multi-platform marketing campaign, including print, online and a digital outdoor promotion."

    (PR Week)

  • "It looks visual, glossy and clean, and its easy-to-navigate pages cover the huge breadth of subjects Easy Living is known for – food, fashion, interiors, travel [and] beauty."

    (Press Gazette)

Tim Acheson (02 Feb 12, 13:51)

A nice tweet about EL by Microsoft UK's champion of html5:

"EasyLiving website http://bit.ly/wozjPr using HTML5 features and approaching advertising in a unique way: http://bit.ly/A2y2p9"
Tim Acheson (02 Feb 12, 16:51)

A few of my favourite highlights from the socual media buzz around the launch, along with some general user reactions:

  • "Loveeee the new @EasyLivingMag and Website" (Anna & Sophie)
  • "@EasyLivingMag loving the new look website!" (@Tori_Finch)
  • "Inspired by @EasyLivingMag http://www.easyliving.co.uk/recipes/desserts-cakes/fairy-cakes making fairy cakes tonight with @lizziekerr - new website is brilliant!" (@KendraLeaver)
  • "New Easy Living website live and lovely. Want to try all the recipes!! http://www.easyliving.co.uk/" (@richardpickard)
  • "The new @EasyLivingMag website is beautiful and has already found me the perfect spring dress, see http://tinyurl.com/7gcbz93 @miss_alainaeous" (@fadingviolet)
  • "Congratulations to the @easylivingmag team for launching a beautiful website http://www.easyliving.co.uk/" (@olivia_solon)
  • "Loving the new look @easylivingmag. Cant wait to see more" (@Lau_Niederberg)
  • "LOVE the new @easylivingmag site www.easyliving.co.uk" (@ginnyhenry)
  • "Easy Living website is now relaunched and looks AMAZING http://www.easyliving.co.uk/ make sure you check this out #condenast #easyliving" (@KendraLeaver)
  • "Very impressed with the new @EasyLivingMag website. Looking forward to seeing the new-look magazine #congratulations!" (@jennymaclondon)
  • "well done conde dev team, new #easyliving website #lookinggood http://bit.ly/fdOsVm" (@ben_cameron00)
Tim Acheson (22 Feb 12, 11:36)

Related: The Pinterest Effect: Conde Nast Casts ‘Easy Living’ In The Mold Of Hot New Social Network
"... the evolution of content discovery from straight linear timelines to those based on subjects. This [Easyliving.co.uk] could be one of the first examples of a magazine’s website taking that to heart. It’s a fitting one: Easy Living’s subject matter is squarely in the area of lifestyle, home and fashion, three areas where Pinterest has particularly done well, picking up millions of pinners in the process. The drive to make magazines more in the mold of hot web properties is something that we may see a lot more of in future..." (TechCrunch)

Interesting... I've just had an email from Ingrid Lunden, a tech journalist/blogger at TechCrunch who joined them just last week in fact. She's writing about the "pinterest effect" around easyliving.co.uk. That sounds like an interesting article! :) I found the above article by looking to see what Ingrid has written recently.

Nice one


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