Family holiday: USA 2012

I spent three weeks on holiday in the USA in March with the missus (Alex) and the bambino (William, age almost 2 years). It was an amazing experience which seems worthy of a blog post.



This photo sums it up nicely: O'heo Gulch near Mokulua

I love the way SkyDrive tiles all your photos and videos on one page, with infinite-scrolling and high-res slideshow for individual images! IMHO there's currently no better way to share holiday pics and vids than a folder on SKyDrive.


Videos: YouTube playlists


Grand Canyon & Las Vegas (1 of 2)

Hawaii: Big Island (1 of 2)

Hawaii: Big Island (2 of 2)

Hawaii: Maui (1 of 2)

Hawaii: Maui (2 of 2)

Hawaii: Oahu

24 July 2012

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