Halo 4 launch

Halo 4 launching soon...

I had the great privilage of being one of the first gamers on the planet to play Halo 4 -- today!

I was invited to an exclusive preview of Halo 4 today, at the exclusive official celebrity preview event in London hosted by Official Xbox Magazine with Xbox UK and 343 Industries. Profound gratitude to the organisers, and to the OXM's legendary Editor, Jon Hicks, for inviting me along. I haven't been this excited about a game preview since 2010 when I was attended the massive launch event for Halo: Reach.

Halo 4 is, predictably, a true masterpiece; vast and beautiful, and waiting to be explored and discovered. (And by a select few, mastered.) It is a totally new game which is, nevertheless, perfectly faithful to the Halo paradigm. Without giving too much away, I can tell you that the Halo 4 multiplayer experience alone sets this sequel apart from its legendary predecessors. There's top-secret new stuff and surprises that you could not possibly be expecting. Yet let me assure traditional Halo lovers that Halo 4 simultaneously delivers a wonderfully familiar experience, e.g. one of my favourite Halo 3 multiplayer maps spectacularly remastered. As for the campaign, you can already see for yourself from the trailers and gameplay glimpses in the public domain that it will be an epic adventure and an inspired work of genius -- just as experienced gamers have trustfully learned to expect from every game worthy of the coveted Halo title. Halo 4 truly takes the game to a new level. The graphics are noticably more detailed and real. Even Cortana is more vivid, more human, more hot. There's a lot more to it, of course! However, that's all I can really say until the official veil of secrecy is lifted... Oh... you are in for a treat, my friends! [Rubs his hands together in smug knowing delight.] The countdown to release day is on.

Admittedly, I'm into Halo. The first modern (3D) game I played was Halo CE, and this was the game that got me into gaming. I have played the Halo series intensively, all achievements on Halo 3 ("almost impossible") with rare Recon armour and SLASO campaign, 100% achievos in ODST, all the original Reach achievos, etc, etc. However, Halo 4 is a game that will impress you, whether you're a first-time casual gamer or a dedicated Halo fanboy like me. ;)

[NOTE: Since starting this blog post, I've had to sign an NDA, with an embargo on certain details, so it will take me slightly longer to filter the info and assets and provide them here... Having sampled the game myself, I can see why. There are some big surprises. The NDA was so specific and detailed about the biggest secrets, I wish I could quote it. Previewers who may not even manage to see all of the secret stuff will certainly know about it all by reading the contract!]

Video: highly censored clips from my phone:

Game trailer:


Here's a detailed summary of the Halo 4 multiplayer experience from a fellow gamer who attended the event.


UPDATE: Since the preview event, we have now had Eurogamer event, also here in London, where new info and screenshots of campaign as well as multiplayer were released. (For campaign screenshots see EurogamerDigitalSpy, VergeXbox.com, etc.


HALO 4 RELEASE DATE: Remember, remember, the 6th of November! ;)

26 September 2012

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Tim Acheson (26 Sep 12, 13:11)

Got my ticket for tonight's Halo 4 event. Bringing along Martyn as my +1. He happens to be the guy who introduced me to Halo (CE) and sold me my first game console (an original classic Xbox) along with the ultimate classics -- Halo, Fable, Half Life, Ninja Gaiden, etc. Just in time for a nice long Xmas break hehe!

Tim Acheson (27 Sep 12, 09:30)

A sample of the social media buzz from the #Halo4UK celebrity preview night.

Tim Acheson (27 Sep 12, 09:46)

Selected photos and videos, assets on SkyDrive:

Tim Acheson (27 Sep 12, 17:57)

General Halo 4 preview event buzz

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