The state of UX: my Top 3 web UX complaints in 2013

These are my biggest web UX gripes at the moment (with naming and shaming and I'll add websites to the list if I get a chance).

Pro tips:


Other common and potentially related problems include:


We all encounter these basic problems routinely on some of the world's biggest news and tech websites. In most cases the same problems have persisted for years on these websites. I've contacted these websites myself repeatedly over the years with polite change requests, and I'm probably not the only one. So no more Mr Nice Guy, now I'm gonna call it how it is: guys, there's no excuse. Clearly, these problems can be interrelated, exacerbating each other in a synergy of lameness. The problems are readily fixable, and IMHO should be fixed. It seems corners are often cut on mobile.

Perhaps in the future progress in areas like responsive design (promising but not yet realising its full potential) will help to encourage the use of the same templates and core features on both mobile and desktop.

*** End of Rant ***

Why the rant?

With UX Camp London approaching, the topic arose in one of our chatrooms at work, so I'd already written it and thought I might as well paste it into a blog post out of it.

18 June 2013

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