My current workstation specs - July 2019

With computer technology advancing so rapidly, I thought it would be interesting to keep a record of my own personal usage, so periodically I'll post details of what I'm using.

My current main workstation has the following specs (as of 8 July 2019):-


My current specs are only two years old, but already seem very dated, now -- especially my last-gen GPU (Maxwell microarchitecture). I'm preparing to upgrade to a new workstation with 8 NVIDIA T4 GPUs (Tesla microarchitecture) anticipating that the T4 should be twice as fast as the M60 for my common graphics, video and compute workloads. (My current spec is based on an AWS EC2 g3.16xlarge instance, and my new spec will be based on the new G4 instance which is not yet available.)

I also use other workstations for more specialised workloads/use cases, which are based on the m5.xlarge AWS EC2 instance for less demanding general work, and the c5 instance family for the most compute-intensive workloads.

08 July 2019

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