A breakthrough in AI surveillance -- weapon detection technology is now ready for the big time

A new tech startup, Ultimate Systems, has just released a video unveiling a prototype embodiment of their new AI platform to showcase one of its most exciting capabilities -- monitoring CCTV images to detect a weapon, such as a knife or gun, and automatically raising the alarm when a threat is detected. Exciting? Scary? Big Brother? Watch their new demo video and see what you think:

The potential for such a powerful, state-of-the-art AI platform to be used as a force for good in the world is obvious, and exciting -- this proof-of-concept undoubtedly represents a landmark advancement in the use of tech to safeguard human life and safety. The system will inevitably replace human monitors for many monitoring and surveillance use cases, and will also be a valuable aid to human eyes on CCTV screens upholding safety and security in diverse environments ranging from city streets, airports and schools to prisons and war zones. However, it will not escape the attention of cynical observers that, in the wrong hands, this system could also be used a tool of oppression.

The CEO of Ultimate Systems, tech geek Tim Acheson, says other prototypes leveraging machine-deep-learning are being fine-tuned right now, including a revolutionary (or terrifying) drone-based threat-detection platform -- with the ability to deploy "countermeasures" against a threat. So, watch this space for more videos very soon. The company's strapline is "Tomorrow's technology, today" and their website is courting interest from potential new customers as well as seeking investors and industry partners, advertising the company as "a new AI startup with technology that is ready to disrupt major industries." Apparently the greatest interest so far as been from Asia, where China's Huawei which is working on its own intelligent surveillance platform, may have appreciated the obvious synergy between the computer science behind Ultimate Systems and their own long-term goals in this sector.

17 September 2019

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