The WFH revolution: I called it in 2011

The Working-From-Home (WFH) revolution. I called it, over a decade ago, in 2011. Just sayin'. The pandemic has triggered a transformation in work-life culture that was overdue. It seemed a long way off even in 2019, and it seemed impossible when I wrote this in 2011:

"Working from home solves some of the key problems. ... Huge numbers of people commute on a daily basis, driving cars, cramming onto trains and buses, etc -- with the transport infrastructure subsidised by public funds. ... Meanwhile, the preferred alternatives (especially working from home) receive no such subsidees! It is ridiculous, and it is unsustainable. A cultural change is desperately needed, but to achieve it will require a new infrastructure, along with a new mindset for smart 21st-century living."

The pandemic has also accelerated the chat/messaging revolution I described in 2014:

"The future of business and personal communication lies with chat platforms."

We're witnessing one of the most important changes in work culture in the history of human civilization. It was long overdue, and needed a catalyst to trigger the avalanche of change.

13 March 2021

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