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AWS Rekognition During yesterday's #AWSInnovate event, inspired by some of the AI/ML talks I hacked together a quick mash-up to perform image analysis using Am ... 19 July 2019
The easiest way to use Twitter API 1.1+ in JavaScript code The easy way to implement Twitters API 1.1+ in pure JavaScript? Create a simple proxy API. Example: download my simple Twi ... 04 July 2013
ASPTwitter for legacy classic ASP websites: updated to Twitter API 1.1 Introducing ASPTwitter -- the simplest possible way to implement Twitter within a classic ASP website. You can download the ASPTwitter sou ... 16 June 2013
Spotify Apps -- a taste of the future of desktop apps? I had a go at building a Spotify App at the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised how simple and intuitive it is. Enjoyable too -- highly recommended ... 08 December 2011
YQL example -- get the direct URL for a file on SkyDrive Yahoo Query Language (YQL) is an extremely useful and versatile free web service, API provided by Yahoo. YQL acts as a single, convenient point of ... 25 June 2010
An API for SkyDrive (facilitating a direct URL to the file) SkyScraper: an API for SkyDrive *** Update: there is now an official API for SkyDrive! *** I recently created a simple API for SkyDrive. It ... 27 October 2009
Hosting video/audio and web apps on SkyDrive While playing with SkyDrive last night, I noticed that you can use it as free hosting for a web app and other assets. It's an ideal place to pu ... 20 October 2009

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