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ASP.NET MVC code example: calling one Action from another, using the same View Sample code: how to call an Action from within another Action, and set a specific View, in an ASP.NET MVC web application Today I encountered a ... 23 June 2010
New classical music chart launching online today: Classic FM Hall of Fame! Classical Music Chart The official classical music chart for 2010, brought to you by Classic FM, launches today! Classic FM Hall of Fame ... 02 April 2010
Global Radio launches new online media player The UK's biggest commercial radio company, Global Radio, launched a new version of their famous online radio player today, which I built over t ... 01 February 2010
NDjango provides a useful templating language for developing ASP.NET web sites I'm currently experimenting with NDjango with my ASP.NET MVC blog. It's an interesting proposition. I expect that anybody who is familiar with Django ... 30 July 2009

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