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Destiny: this video game will be huge! On 9 September 2014 a major new video game title will be released: Destiny. This is arguably the biggest product, not just in the history of ... 28 July 2014
GTA 5 game is launched: an epic masterpiece GTA V launched on 17 September 2013. It has proved to be the great epic masterpiece that gamers were anticipating! The vast open of San Antonio ... 18 September 2013
Halo 4 launch Halo 4 launching soon... I had the great privilage of being one of the first gamers on the planet to play Halo 4 -- today! I was invited to ... 26 September 2012
Modern Warfare 3: major new game launching! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 On 8 November, a major new game will be launched: MW3. Product launches do not get much bigger than this. It ... 03 November 2011
Skyrim: epic new game launching soon... Elder Scrolls: Skyrim A truly epic new game is about to be launched: Skyrim. On 11 November, a new game in the hugely-popular and criticall ... 03 November 2011
Essential games for Xbox 360 My list of the best games available on Xbox 360, which is the best platform currently available for gaming and interactive entertainment. ... 22 September 2011
Portal 2 -- the game is launched! The original Portal was a magnificent work of genius and a surprising innovation. With it, Valve invented a completely new type of g ... 20 April 2011
Halo Reach API demo -- enhanced by JQuery and YQL The recent launch of the major new video game, Halo: Reach, was a HUGE event. It's been the biggest event this year in the entertainment indust ... 05 October 2010
Halo Reach is launched! A major new video game, Halo: Reach, was launched on Tuesday, 14 Sep. It was one of the biggest launches, and will be one of the biggest games, in ... 14 September 2010
Red Dead Redemption -- epic new game now released A major new game, Red Dead Redemption, has just been released by Rockstar games. It's a masterpiece! This launch is an important event ... 19 May 2010
Halo Reach -- major new game coming soon! Later this year the video game Halo: Reach will be released. It will be one of the biggest events in the industry this year. It's lik ... 01 May 2010
Xbox 360 gets Twitter, Facebook, Zune movies, and more -- new apps and services launching 17 November Yesterday an email was sent out to Xbox customers to announce the new features coming to Xbox Live with the next service udpdate on 17 Novembe ... 14 November 2009
Modern Warfare 2 game released today! Modern Warfare 2, the new game in the highly popular Call of Duty series, is out today! It's likely to become the best-selling game to date. This stat ... 10 November 2009
Halo Waypoint launched Halo Waypoint was launched today. A compact, free app for Xbox 360 offering progress tracking, bonus content and unlockable rewards for every game ... 06 November 2009
Just launched, a website for videos showing people trying the Lips karaoke/singing game on Xbox 360! I've just finished building a nice little website for Microsoft. It's in production now, ready for soft-launch:- ... 26 October 2009
The next big blockbuster video game launches next week: Halo 3 ODST The top headline on the BBC News technology page is currently the imminent release of the next big blockbuster video game, Halo 3: ODST, which will dr ... 18 September 2009
Microsoft and Tesco announce major new online entertainment service for UK customers Microsoft and Tesco have been secretly collaborating to develop a next-generation interactive entertainment service on the web for UK consumers. The s ... 10 September 2009
Gaming could be good for you I have some good news for gamers, if there's any truth in a headline I read in this morning's Metro newspaper here in London:- War gamers 'are mo ... 07 September 2009
Lionhead Studios announces Game Episodes -- a new way of consuming video games Fable II: a tale of marketing genius Lionhead Studios, one of the world's leading video game development companies, based in Britain, is pioneering ... 20 August 2009
Xbox 360 has the most active users of any games console The Xbox 360 games console has the most active users of all the games consoles currently available. Wii has the least active customers. Play Station 3 ... 14 August 2009
Xbox LIVE update announced for next week Microsoft sent an email to all Xbox LIVE customers today to announce the date for the next major update to the Xbox LIVE service. This ... 08 August 2009 launches Render to Video feature for putting game videos on the web Bungie game studios has just launched a public Beta of their new Render to Video feature. (I've been participating in the Beta.) The new feature ... 12 May 2009

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