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My ultimate classical music playlist I've curated a classical music playlist comprising what I sincerely believe to be the best classical music pieces of all time. Each work l ... 08 July 2018
Gold Greatest Hits -- new website launching! The leading "greatest hits" radio station, Gold, is launching a chart of people's favourite songs and pop music hits of all time ... 15 April 2011
Classic FM Hall of Fame 2011 -- new website launching! The world's best classical music radio station will be launching this year's chart next week -- on Good Friday! (I built the chart web app ... 15 April 2011
UK Radio Player launching online on 31 March! It's official! We've been working on it, and today we're officially allowed to tell you about it. Radio Player -- the UK's ... 04 March 2011
The Ultimate Hall of Fame: the definitive classical music chart Exclusive preview: I've been working on a new website, positioned to be the ultimate classical music chart -- the Ultimate Hall of Fame: ul ... 09 December 2010
Movie Music Chart -- launched today A new website, the Movie Music Chart, is launching today: It's being launched by Classic FM, the U ... 27 August 2010
New music chart launching: Best British Songs of All Time An interesting new music chart will be launched this weekend! The Best of British Songs is a chart listing the Top 100 home-gro ... 29 April 2010
MSN Music store launched today! MSN Music was launched today, introducing an important new online shop for music! This will provide welcome competition to other big playe ... 04 November 2009
Microsoft and Tesco announce major new online entertainment service for UK customers Microsoft and Tesco have been secretly collaborating to develop a next-generation interactive entertainment service on the web for UK consumers. The s ... 10 September 2009
UK music industry announces landmark deal with YouTube There is a serious crisis facing the music industry. The problem is simple -- it costs too much to put music online legally. The crisis facing onli ... 04 September 2009
Zune HD portable media player: launch-date announced by Microsoft The new Zune HD media player will be launched in the US on 15 September, Microsoft has announced. Zune HD is literally the state-of-the-art per ... 12 August 2009
Most young people in the UK download music illegally Most young people download music without paying Research commissioned by UK Music, the umbrella body which represents the British music business, f ... 10 August 2009
iTunes is more expensive than any other shop for downloading music tracks An investigation by a London-based newspaper, the Evening Standard, demonstrates that iTunes is always more expensive than any other store for music d ... 04 August 2009

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