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The easiest way to use Twitter API 1.1+ in JavaScript code The easy way to implement Twitters API 1.1+ in pure JavaScript? Create a simple proxy API. Example: download my simple Twi ... 04 July 2013
ASPTwitter for legacy classic ASP websites: updated to Twitter API 1.1 Introducing ASPTwitter -- the simplest possible way to implement Twitter within a classic ASP website. You can download the ASPTwitter sou ... 16 June 2013
Google's viral propaganda war against Facebook and Twitter Google's latest attempt to imitate Facebook and Twitter, Google+, is already declining and starting to fail, before it is even fully launched. ... 29 July 2011
Xbox 360 gets Twitter, Facebook, Zune movies, and more -- new apps and services launching 17 November Yesterday an email was sent out to Xbox customers to announce the new features coming to Xbox Live with the next service udpdate on 17 Novembe ... 14 November 2009
New MSN homepage revealed! A major update to was revealed today, with the soft-launch of the brand new MSN homepage was launched today. "Today is an exciting ... 03 November 2009
Macworld editor says Silverlight is much better than Flash for video Silverlight is much better than Flash. This is the conclusion expressed by Jason Snell, the editor of Macworld, the international magazine for Macophi ... 14 September 2009
Twitter hacked via Google Apps A hacker got into Twitter's internal systems through Google Apps, downloading confidential commercial documents and data, and gaining access to the ... 16 July 2009

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