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Windows Live feature request: Movie Maker web app Microsoft needs to launch a web-based video-editing application, integrated with SkyDrive for storage, playback and sharing! Presumably it woul ... 16 June 2010
SkyDrive -- two essential feature-requests Microsoft is doing big things with their Windows Live platform, with new major features in the pipeline and regular impressive announcements on the ... 09 June 2010
Hotmail getting a major upgrade this summer! It's official! Microsoft have just announced that Hotmail is getting a new design and some impressive upgrades! www.hotmailpreview.com ... 18 May 2010
Facebook and Microsoft launch Docs.com -- a new web-based MS Office! Breaking news: Microsoft and Facebook have teamed-up to launch Docs.com. Welcome to the future! Get started! Try it now: Microsoft Do ... 21 April 2010

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