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MKA1919 “Web-Tac” semi-auto tactical shotgun: review

Web-Tac semi-auto tactical shotgun: review (blog post featured image)

Web-Tac semi-auto tactical shotgun: review (blog post featured image)

A definitive review of the Web-Tac tactical shotgun, a mag-fed semi-auto shotgun based on the AR-15 platform:

This box-fed beast is based on the Metal Force shotgun series manufactured by Husan in Turkey. The Metal Force series is a tactical evolution of the Akdal MKA-1919 or MKA1919 in the USA (NRA Shotgun of the Year 2016). It can comfortably fire 25 rounds on target in 3.42 seconds. The UK version this shotgun is called the Web-Tac Metal Force, branded by Webley & Scott, imported and supported by Highland Outdoors.

The UK’s “Web-Tac” edition featured in this review is based on the MKA1919 AP 12G Match Pro model with the Adjustable Telescopic stock option, but fundamentally the MMF1209 variant, with a 24″ barrel which increases range and accuracy while complying with UK laws. Although factory-fitted with a rubber seal for light loads, it is supplied with a metal seal tagged “for heavy loads” in the box with the chokes.

My loadout in this video:

Web-Tac shotgun parts diagram (high-res original PDF available on request):


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