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“Web-Tac” Metal Force semi-auto tactical shotgun: review

Web-Tac semi-auto tactical shotgun: review (blog post featured image)

Web-Tac semi-auto tactical shotgun: review (blog post featured image)

A definitive review of the Web-Tac tactical shotgun, a mag-fed semi-auto shotgun based on the AR-15 platform:

This box-fed beast is based on the Metal Force shotgun series manufactured by Husan in Turkey.

This gun is packed with features out of the box – key features include:

The Metal Force series represents a tactical evolution of the Akdal MKA-1919 or MKA1919 in the USA (NRA Shotgun of the Year 2016). It can comfortably fire 25 rounds on target in 3.42 seconds. The UK has a special edition this shotgun called the “Web-Tac” Metal Force, branded by Webley & Scott, and imported and supported by Highland Outdoors.

The UK’s “Web-Tac” edition featured in this review is fundamentally based on Husan’s “Metal Force” series of tactical shotguns, identified by the MMF or HMF model number prefix depending who you ask. On the business end of the muzzle you’ll recognise the robust “door-knocker” or door-breacher style flash-hider from the MMF1225 model [which also has a 61 cm barrel option] to dampen recoil and inhibit muzzle-flash. The handguard, upper and lower receiver, and most of the body of the gun are shared with the MMF1204 model, albeit minus the sling attachment and protruding bolthead. The heavy-duty buttstock with adjustable cheek rest is available on certain models such as the MMF1216. Evidently, the Web-Tac is a unique custom hybrid version of the Metal Force shotgun lineup.

Historically, the Web-Tac originates from the MKA1919 AP 12G Match Pro model with the Adjustable Telescopic stock option, but fundamentally the MMF1209 variant, with a 24″ barrel which increases range and accuracy while complying with UK laws. Although factory-fitted with a rubber seal for light loads, it is supplied with a metal seal tagged “for heavy loads” in the box with the chokes. The Web-Tac ships with proprietary mags but also accepts mags for the legendary Typhoon F12 box-fed semi-auto shotgun.

The tactical form factor of the Web-Tac makes it readily extensible. For optimal stability, clamp a foregrip onto the rail under the front of the handguard. The back-end of the Web-Tac offers two clips for a tactical gunsling, on either side of the buffer. Alternatively, the buttstiock also provides a slot that could accommodate a sling strap. For a two-point sling attachment, the user can simply affix a QD sling mount to one of the side picatinny rails on the front of the handguard. All of those options still leaves one side rail free, e.g. for a torch/laser unit which I assure you shall be the final nemesis of any rabbit within 50m that crosses your path.

I highly recommend attaching a basic foregrip to the lower front picatinny rail for ultimate ergonomics. Together with tith the clingy rubber pistol grip provided, this gun then becomes extremely comfortable — and accurate. I also recommend using a 5-round mag for optimal handling. I also highly recommend upgrading the factory sights to a good, large, low-profile reflex type red-dot sight for improved target acquisition, either budget or high-end.

I’m impressed enough with the Web-Tac that my next shotgun acquisition (next year) will be the camo-clad MF1227, selected for specific applications within mainland Europe, probably with the 50cm barrel length option which is not permitted in the UK.

My loadout in this video:

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