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Deer Stalking Certificate – the UK’s de-facto hunting qualification

DSC1 badge - Tim Acheson (blog post)

DSC1 badge - Tim Acheson (blog post)

The basic benchmark for hunting competence in the UK is the Deer Stalking Certificate, DSC1, part of the Deer Management Qualification (DMQ) system operated by the British Deer Society together with BASC, The National Gamekeepers Association and others.

My wife and I recently passed the 3-day course and assessments, at our local assessment centre only 10 minutes from base camp, through which we gained Trained Hunter Status (THS). THS authorises us to approve wild meat for sale to game dealers and into the human food chain. DMQ Level 2 is a prerequisite for hunting on government land or to obtain a night licence from Natural England. We enjoyed the experience and highly recommend this certification to anybody wanting to test their basic hunting skills and knowledge.

We already hold hunting qualifications and hunting licences in other countries, including Spain where similar written and practical assessments are a legal requirement for obtaining your hunting licence and firearms licence, and also in the USA and elsewhere.

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